Latex Gold Luxury Soft Pillowtop Mattress

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The Soft, Latex Gold Pillowtop is a 100% pure, latex mattress. This mattress does not contain a spring system. Latex Gold is a 100% pure product with no added petro chemicals or bi products.

The mattress is made up of an 8’’ solid, medium block of Latex Gold.  The pillowtop is made with a 2’’ sheet of soft Latex Gold. The outer layers of latex are covered with a soft knit fabric.

The Soft, Latex mattress will individually conform and support each sleeper. Ideal for couples with different heights or weights. The spring free design also eliminates the problem of partner disturbance. Being a natural product, latex mattresses may be ideal for allergy sufferers or those seeking a more natural style mattress.

Spring free and pressure free style mattresses are commonly used in the health industry due to the amount of time people spend in bed. They are also recommended and commonly used on electronic beds.

This mattress has a full 10 year guarantee

Available in all sizes.