Indulgence Mattress


The Indulgence a 2-sided soft feeling Mattress.


The Indulgence is a soft, 2-sided Mattress.

Its comfort layers contain layers of high quality, soft memory foam. The outer layers are made with a soft to touch, bamboo fabric.

The soft layers of memory foam contour to the sleeper’s curves, relieving pressure points like your hips and shoulders.

The Indulgence has a heavy-duty Bonnel spring, which provides the ultimate chiropractic support to all sleepers.

This mattress is perfect for individuals or couples who like a soft comfort layer directly beneath them, whilst having a firm support system in the middle.

Always consider the extra warmth generated by memory foam in softer style mattresses.

Available sizes: All sizes                                                                      
Available in odd size: Yes
Two sided mattress: Yes
Spring type: Bonnel Spring
Guarantee: 10 years

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